The Team of Tennis coaches have been in the Singapore tennis scene some for almost a decade that’s why they know the tennis scene really well. Our Coaches hold more than 20 Titles in Premium club League and National Open Singles and Doubles titles. The team of tennis coaches are articulate and enthusiastic as we all choose to be fulltime tennis coaches, as a result, they are extremely professional and offer a premium service. We offer you the chance to purchase credits and be assured of quality private training with only the best-selected trainers in your City


We have a team of 12 fulltime trainers to provide adult tennis classes at your condo or our set out locations around Singapore. You can also count on our professionals if you’re looking for custom kids tennis coaching.

Befit121 is one of the reputed places to get custom tailored private tennis coaching in Singapore. Our tennis lessons are bespoke to meet every individual’s needs, level, and time.

With the help of private tennis coaching in Singapore, our trainers have the capability of taking a novice player and transform them into a competitive athlete.


Private classes or small group sessions with our trainers will give you the ability to practise under the watch full eyes of a professional this will help you improve. This will not only improve technique and overall skills but also aid in injury prevention over time. Having Private Tennis Lessons in Singapore provides the chance to learn from the best and correct strokes and bad habits properly.


Classes in Tennis for kids in Singapore. We provide groups and privates at your home condo or our group class locations the result is less travel time for you and your family. Our trainers provide Customized classes for kids and packages can be used within the whole family. Kids can bring their friends at an extra fee and your family can “Be Fit” using our awesome credit package to learn new skills and stay strong.

Kids Classes will help teach discipline and promote fitness in kids.


Sports that require a wide variety of specific techniques and a high skill level Private training can really make a big difference in the development of the athlete’s abilities to compete in a competitive sport. Befit121 tennis trainers have the ability to take a novice player and transform them into a competitive athlete with the ability to think and play the sport strategically and with correct technique. Anyone looking to take on Tennis would benefit from learning and striving to play and compete against friends in a fun but ultimately effective way.


In Singapore Tennis is one of the most popular sports among locals and foreigners given the number of tennis courts around the city. Many people have tennis courts at their homes and the opportunity to play tennis from your home and cut our the commute time is rare in any other country. The weather is always nice and warm and creates for a year-round opportunity to play outdoor sports. 

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