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Sebastian started playing tennis at 13 years old and from that year and for the rest of his Junior Career in Mauritius, he represented his country at all the international events Winning 3 titles in the African Region. He was also chosen in 2005 to be the team Captain for Mauritius for the Davis Cup.

Sebastian has a BTI tennis certificate which is the equivalent of the ITF 1 Certificate. He has 11 years of coaching experience, where he had his own tennis academy in South Africa, coached at different high schools where he was in charge of the tennis program and all the junior league tennis programs. He has coached in many other countries, such as Germany, Mauritius, in the USA, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Sebastian went to do his bachelor’s degree in America and played the NAIA league there for his University. During his University career, he obtained several awards, such as best sportsmanship and All American First Team award in the NCCAA and NAIA leagues. He was ranked 13th on the east coast of America in the NAIA league and 48th in America in the NAIA league.

He has got quite some experience with coaching all levels of tennis, from total beginners to advanced players, working at country clubs, schools, camps, clinics, league and college tennis division 2.

Sebastian was the best player in Senior tennis in Mauritius at the age of 16 a have been travelling all around the world imparting his knowledge acquired during his international years playing tennis.

Sebastian finds pure enjoyment in helping others achieve their true potential. He is a very energetic and motivated person and determined in looking to improve your skills in Tennis at the best he possibly can! One of his biggest desires is to bring people together and make a difference in this world.

  • Years of Experience

    11 Years
  • Availability

    Weekdays Mornings/Afternoons
  • Education

    Bachelors degree from USA

  • Coaching Credentials

    ITF National Certified Pro Coach

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Sebastian Marot is a wonderful person and an amazing tennis coach.  His ability to hone in on what you need to improve your stroke or serve is incredible.  He focuses on small changes that made a big difference in my forehand and serve.  He notices everything from your grip to your timing in contact with the ball and your foot placement.  He takes the time to evaluate your strokes and movement and makes insightful comments, some of which may be subtle and others are outright changes.  HIs recommendations are purposeful.  His patience is unparalleled and his warm smile is second to none.  Sebastian has been my coach for two years, and his technique training has definitely improved my game.

Anne Vranos

As someone who hadn’t played tennis in over 20 years, but looking to make the most of my club membership and get reintroduced to the game, I signed up for lessons with Sebastian Marot, who is one of our club tennis pros.   Sebastian is an excellent instructor – with a style that focuses on a repeatable set of core techniques and strategies that make it easy for a beginner to start playing tennis immediately.  More importantly, his style and demeanour make the process fun and non-stressful, which encouraged me to keep at it, even on days when I wasn’t at my best.  I’m happy to say that after three years, I’m enjoying tennis more than I ever have. I am happy to offer my endorsement for his abilities as a tennis instructor, and look forward to taking my game further into the future through working with him.

Mike Killeen

kids and I have taken lessons with Sebastian for two years.  He is great at identifying how to make our shots better, explaining it and making sure we understand.  The best part of a lesson with Sebastian the wonderful energy he always brings.  My lessons with him improved my shots and game but were also so much fun that I didn’t realize how much of a workout I was getting.  You feel great about yourself and what you can do after a lesson with him.  Even my shy daughter who didn’t want to play tennis, came off the court after her first lesson all smiles and wanting to do another.

Vera Merrill

Sebastian coached my summer club tennis team and I also took several private and semi-private classes with him.  I was constantly impressed with his energy and positive attitude.  Sebastian has a great ability to pinpoint areas that need improvement and provide specific details that you can work on easily.  He has such a great personality, building players’ confidence and puts everyone at ease with his friendly manner – from the most competitive players to the very beginners.  His enthusiasm for the game makes even the toughest clinics enjoyable.  Sebastian is also great with young tennis players, being tough to get the best out of them, and enthusiastically celebrating their improvements, making them eager to do their best.   He quickly became my 14-year old daughter’s favourite coach.

Susan Bickham

“I had been away from tennis for many years when my wife signed me up for a men’s clinic with Sebastian. I fell back in love with the game, largely because of the instruction Sebastian gave and the way he inspired our clinic of guys to work hard, perform the technique and have a lot of fun. Several years later we finished our last men’s clinic with Seb at the Roxbury Tennis Club, he was so happy to see the progression we’d made over the past few years … as were we, but also very sad to be losing such a great instructor and friend. Good luck Sebastian, hope to have you back one day! Scott Campbell, Riverside Connecticut”.

Scott Campbell

Seb is a great tennis instructor who has a positive attitude and high energy while teaching. He has patience and the ability to keep you focused on the task at hand.  He will bring your tennis game up to the next level.  I highly recommend him.

Liane Tel

Sebastian Marot is focused, fun and encouraging.  He makes learning tennis very enjoyable for children and adults because of the creative games he uses to improve the students’ skills.  On top of this, he is approachable and patient.  His knowledge of the game and his teaching skills are exceptional.  We found Sebastian’s lessons to be challenging and intense in a positive way, and he really made us want to step up our game.  We definitely miss Sebastian and his instruction at our club. 

Val Prasad

“I took clinics with Seb for years and always looked forward to playing with him. His instruction is top notch and he is entertaining as well. I now find that I compare all other instructors to him when I take lessons on vacation. My son loved playing with him as well and our summer season with Seb goes way too quickly.”

Scott Jaffe

I met Sebastian Marot two summers ago at Roxbury Tennis and Pool Club. I was learning how to play tennis as a middle-aged man and he was my instructor. I found Sebastian to be a very capable instructor with a positive attitude and high energy. He broke things down in a way that made it easy for me to learn and always was right on top of things and made corrections immediately which I found very helpful. My wife and children had a great experience with Sebastian as well so I think he can teach a wide range of ages and ability.” 

Chris Sardone 

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