Personal Trainer

140 Credits

Exercise Physiologist / Rehabilitation Specialist / Stress & Lifestyle Management / Movement Specialist


Stephanie is an Exercise Physiologist, specialising in rehabilitation, lifestyle change and management, as well as athlete development. She is also a current NikeTraining Club Trainer. Steph believes the most important piece to everybody’s journey – whether it’s fitness-related or not – lies in the mental piece.

Everything comes down to the mindset that you have got, and your actions will reflect just that. Her approach to training focuses on laying down your foundation in order to optimise your physical performance.

A heavy emphasis is placed on correct technique, in conjunction with learning and understanding how your body is designed to work.

  • Years of Experience

    11 years

  • Availability

    Weekdays 7am – 9pm

    Weekends 7am-9pm

  • Education

    Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport) Nutrition for Optimal Health- Temasek Polytechnic , SG

  • Specialities

    ACE lifestyle and Weight management consultant / Body Building / Sports Specific

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Steph is a fantastic trainer and go-to for health and wellness inspiration, knowledge, fitness motivation, and increased self-awareness and confidence. Since training with her, I feel as I’m much more in control of how I spend time at the gym, am taking better care of myself on a daily basis, feeling stronger and better equipped to take on new challenges both physically and mentally. She’s always a phone call or text away. and is always there to lend her support even out of sweat sessions. I admire her on many levels, and highly encourage anyone looking to get in shape, train smarter, eat better, to have a look at Steph’s lifestyle and it won’t take long to see she practices what is preached, humbly and steadily. Steph’s an observant and mindful trainer even in group settings, and stands maturely by her belief that sweating can be fun, but wanted results come from a good amount of sweat, hard work, dedication and commitment! With Steph, consistency is the name of the game.

Stephanie has been a “refreshing” breath of fresh air! After having visited several physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists alike in the last 20 months for reoccurring injuries related to my sternum, anterior chest pain, due to poor thoracic mobility I was thankfully referred to a qualified and passionately knowledgeable Exercise Physiologist in Stephanie. After 10 Exercise Physiology sessions I feel like I am back to “above” my normal training load, injury-free, with improved functionality and greater improvement in the range of joint movement and overall balance. The treatment with Stephanie consisted of adopting a movement-based approach, re-education of spinal movement patterns, addressing certain muscle imbalances and restructuring my overall exercise program to reduce the risk of exacerbating the presenting concerns. I feel much better, more aware of injury signs, confident about recovery and having more fun than ever with my overall training regimen. Thank you Stephanie! 🙂

I met Steph through a friend’s referral and from my first group session with her my body felt a wake up call that I didn’t want to hit the snooze button on — so I’ve been training with Steph once a week since! Her knowledge is immense and she knows how to make a workout intense enough to challenge, yet accessible enough for it to be fun. She’s super conscious about keeping good posture/alignment to prevent any pain/possible injury, and can see when I’m slacking and when I can push more. There’s no being lazy with her. Her workouts are a great complementary exercise to my yoga practice and I can feel how it’s affecting how I move on the mat too. These workouts with Steph are likely a long-term commitment and I’m happy to know I have her knowledge, capability, and personality as a trainer who has my back on my own growth and progress.

I started training with Stephanie 2 years ago. She is wise and experienced beyond her young age. Stephanie is always well prepared and detailed. She applies best practices and techniques and goes beyond normal training services by taking an interest in your complete wellbeing including diet, lifestyle and health. She is professional and disciplined, which influences your training accordingly. Although I am twice her age, she has related very well to my specific problem areas. I have also had my 12 year old son train with her and she quickly identified areas of focus for him. She is competent to help all ages and is flexible to meet each individuals specific requirements. I highly recommend her for your physical and lifestyle improvement goals.

After having my second baby I found it hard to motivate myself to dedicate time to getting back into shape. I contacted Steph and have never looked back! Steph was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with me, ensuring that my form was perfect post baby. Over the last six months, Steph has installed my confidence in my ability and her extensive expertise has allowed me to reconnect with those muscles which I had forgotten about. Steph is a true professional that brings a level of experience that I have not found in other trainers. She can work with anyone as her ability to tailor every session to each individual is amazing!

In addition to the opportunity to appreciate Steph’s all-rounded muscle definition, I also found it helpful that her exercises were always tailored to my (post-natal) needs. I’d been to other gyms which (always claim to) offer a post-natal option, but none of these match the quality of Steph’s instructions and care. She also takes the time to explain things to be aware of when performing different exercises, and her demos are always an overload for the senses – all that muscle definition! But on a more serious note, it was really helpful that Steph built up the intensity of exercises gradually. The gyms that claim to offer post natal options always just say “do what you can” which is not helpful at all cause most people don’t know what their limit is unless they’re restarting a workout that they’re already familiar with (which lets them compare what they could do before and what they can’t do anymore). They don’t really look at your form or tell you your weights are too heavy based on how they see which parts of your body are over compensating etc.

Love 21 Foundation have been having fitness classes with Stephanie for a few months now and we’re so grateful for her outstanding work! Stephanie is a wonderful coach for so many reasons. When working with Stephanie, it’s very clear how much she cares about each and every person she is teaching. She’s very supportive and does a great job addressing the needs of our members and setting goals to help them achieve impressive results. Steph is also a great motivator – thanks to her our members are really pushing themselves and seeing a lot of progress! Steph’s classes are challenging but also a lot of fun. I particularly like her creativity in designing interesting and impactful strengthening exercises. We are truly blessed to have Stephanie as our coach! Thanks so much Calibrate By Stephanie!

Steph is the Sherlock Holmes of body physiology, ready to solve any mystery and improve your health. I have spent months, years, maybe even a decade wondering “what happened to my ass?” and “where has my explosiveness gone?” and in the end, I all too often had written it off to old age. But within the first session, not only was Steph able to diagnosis the problem as a disconnect between my glutes and hips, she was able to get them firing together again. Her exercises require precise technique, she is a stickler for form, and whole body coordination which can be intimidating at first. However, the gains are fast and you can feel the change in your body movement and posture by the end of the session. And as an added bonus, Steph will also lead you through semi-enjoyable stretches and yoga poses at the end of the session.

If you’re looking for an intensive but extremely friendly group to train with I would definitely recommend Calibrate by Steph. Steph is super creative with each session, and you’ll never be bored. She pays attention to each individual and makes sure you’re both having fun and working the correct muscles. A great choice for both beginners and experienced health enthusiasts, that is, if you have the self-discipline to haul yourself out of bed early on a Saturday morning!

Steph has been awesome! Nothing can prepare you for the pain of having to get out of bed for a 4:35am alarm clock, but even so Steph brings an energy/enthusiasm to our workouts and is always able to push us despite our eyes being barely open. She’s constantly mixing up our workouts to keep us on our toes and yet everything seems very well thought out and purposeful. She’s also very helpful and responsive when it comes to dietary advice, which is obviously the 2nd (and equally important) piece of the getting-in-shape puzzle.

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