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130 Credits

IFC Fitness


Jacqueline is geared with Muay Thai and boxing background. Mixing martial arts routine in circuit, endurance and weight loss training is one of her main highlight. She also specializes in muscle development as well, and she believes that weights training is the core and base in building one’s overall physique and in achieving their goals faster.
Keeping fit and overall wellness is the way of life, and if you are ready to live it, she is ready to push it. Be it Personal training or Muay Thai training, Jacqueline will give you a heart pumping workout, leaving you with great satisfaction.
  • Years of Experience

    22 years

  • Availability

    Weekdays 6am – 4pm

  • Education

    Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport), Master of Human Nutrition (on-going)

  • Specialities


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