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Credit Package 1

Custom Credits 0-500

SG$1 per credit

HK$5.7 per Credit

Credit Package 2

1000 Credits +50 Free Credits

Your proof of purchase gets + 50 Credits



Credit Package 3

5000 Credits + 500 Credits


Your proof of purchase gets + 500 Credits


HK$28 500

  • Best Prices With Top Trainers on Befit121

  • Purchase Credits Via Bank Fast Transfer or Pay-now (No Credit Card Fee’s)

  • Keep Your Credits Safe Even Your Coach leaves The City

  • Use Different Trainers For Different Sports Or when Your Trainer Goes On Holiday

  • Terms of purchase

    Bank Transfer :

    Account: 0102747938

    Standard Chartered

    Origin One Pte Ltd

    MBFC Branch


On Befit121 you have the choice to purchase credits on the day of your session and transfer your credits to your trainer.

We advise buying a credit package and then transferring the session amount before class and keeping your credits safe in your account.

We provide a full transaction history and an easy option to send custom credits to any Befit121 trainer.


Your credits do not expire and are refundable in case you do relocate away from Singapore. Your credits are also transferable to a friend or family member just write into We have been in business for almost a decade in Singapore and with Befit121 we are cementing our position with a fully functional sports training platform and we track each session digitally.


We strictly do not accept any cash payments as we strive to have complete digital tracking of sessions and internet bank transfers to the befit121 account for all payments.

We do understand that any changes bring challenges ( and there are always a couple people that only look for convenience and prefer dropping cash to the coach after a class *please value your training sessions do not put the working status of any of our Coaches in jeopardy in Singapore please refrain from any cash handlings )


Rest assured that we have put in place this change with the view of trying our very best to look after our coaches and clients and build long term fruitful working relationships with Befit121 in Singapore.

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